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Zap the blighters

  • slug pellets - little blue pellets - don't always work have found that the slugs are now used to them. Not a good idea to use them if you have children or pets. Shower proof pellets last longer and the best time is to put them thinly on the ground is in the evening or a damp and wet day when the little blighters are out wreaking havoc amongst our plants and veggies and fruit and...


  • salt - slugs and snails don't like salt, but neither do the plants - use sparingly on the ground - better to put on top of the slugs or in the shells - they make lots of yucky slime when put on them so may need to put on more salt


  • iron sulphate (about 2 teaspoons in 4 litres of water) - mix together and spray the slugs and snails but be careful as this is not good for the plants


  • vinegar - mix vinegar with water or just straight put into a spray onto slugs and snails - they make yucky slimy slime when sprayed - so have found that they need to be re-sprayed  again


  • copper - copper tape round your plant pots - slugs and snails get an electric shock from copper. Has so far worked on our pots. Don't put into the soil as copper will poison over a period of time


  • if you know any other methods that work please do let me know, and I'll add to this list