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Slugs and snails over the last few years have completely decimated our poor wee garden and just as we were winning the battle of the return of the earth turning worms the slugs and snails have been once again trying to eradicate them. It's time to fight back against these yucky slimy creatures. Our cabbages have been eaten, spinach and basil is no more though they have not touched the grape vine but have eaten the rhubarb leaves completely! Flowers forget the flowers and hanging baskets how they climbed up a sharp stony wall i do not know as i thought they did not like going over sharp objects!

Vital Stats of Slugs and Snails

1.  hemaphrodites
2.  lay over 100 eggs per year
3.  read they have 27,000 teeth
4.  live for 2-6 years
5.  can eat double their body weight per day


Vital Stats of Slugs and Snails

6.   Snails have shells and slugs don't
7.   Slugs like wet moist conditions   
8.   Activity mostly at night
9.   Eat worms and dead slugs
10. Produce slime to help them move about 

Time to Fight Back and Reclaim our Gardens and Worms

Have tried various recipes and so far nothing has really worked 100% but 50-80% is good. The other problem is also if the neighbours do not zap their slugs and snails then the fight is lost as they just come over or under the garden fence/hedge. Don't throw them into the neighbours garden as they have homing devices and will be back to exact revenge or maybe just for another throw as they enjoyed the first flight so much!


Why not browse our zap the blighters page to find some useful ways of getting rid of them or for those who prefer less chemically obtrusive ways our organically zap them page or our yucky / yummy! page, depending on where you are from for some interesting facts about slugs and snails